Sienna Research & Development

Sienna’s core activities focus on the clinical translation of biomarkers using novel diagnostic technologies. When a biomarker has been identified that offers solutions to genuine unmet needs in the pathology laboratory, Sienna will use its in-house expertise in collaboration with an external network of scientific and clinical partners to develop and commercialise a suitable product for the detection of that biomarker.

The team puts high importance on creating products that:

  • Work with existing laboratory automation equipment
  • Fit with existing laboratory workflows 
  • Allow for high throughput 
  • Make use of existing sample collection processes 
  • Deliver consistent, reliable, high quality results. 

Research and development activities have centred on the creation of an in-vitro diagnostic test for the presence of telomerase.

Since telomerase is a pan-cancer marker that is present in the vast majority of human cancers, the goal is to register a product suitable for the detection of telomerase in a range of sample types so as to maximise the product application in the hands of clinical pathologists.

Utilising the strong capabilities within the company for development and commercialisation of clinically useful, novel biomarker detection technology, Sienna continually evaluates opportunities for additions to its R&D pipeline. Where there is an identified biomarker that requires the work of an experienced team to develop a viable product for the routine detection of that biomarker, Sienna is ideally positioned to bring that product to market.

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