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In order to gain the fastest possible sales traction in the US market and minimise direct costs, it was determined that a supply and distribution partner model would provide the optimal solution. StatLab Medical Products, our exclusive distribution partner in the United States, manages the sales, marketing and support of our IVD test in the US.

StatLab was chosen as the US distribution partner for Sienna based on its:

  • Capability – StatLab is specifically focused on pathology diagnostics and the supply of equipment and consumables to pathology laboratories across the USA.
  • Reach – StatLab already supplies products to approximately 3,000 laboratories in the USA, and has an established sales force in place to service that market.
  • Appropriate size – When investigating potential distribution partners, StatLab was determined as the ideal size for Sienna. They have the resources to provide the necessary coverage, and importantly, they see our product as representing a significant growth opportunity for them, warranting a concerted and sustained sales and marketing effort.
  • Matched strategic growth focus – The Advanced Diagnostics area of the StatLab business, in which Sienna’s product falls, was identified as a key strategic growth area for the company. Success selling Sienna’s product helps StatLab achieve its own objective, and its focus on this objective is likely to result in increased sales for Sienna.

The StatLab team has been promoting Sienna’s hTERT test to the US pathology laboratory market since around March 2017. Initial interest has been positive with several laboratories having already commenced their own in-house evaluation of the product.


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