Sienna Granted Chinese Patent for SIEN-NET™


Sienna is pleased to announced the grant of a second patent in China for the liquid biopsy sample preparation technology, SIEN-NET™. 

This newly granted patent protects methods of purifying analytes from a sample, and expands patent coverage for Sienna’s SIEN-NET technology in China.

Sienna’s Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Hoskin, said “SIEN-NET is a unique technology that enables Sienna’s expansion into the rapidly growing liquid biopsy and exosome-based testing markets. This patent further extends the intellectual property protection for the technology in key regions, with SIEN-NET already protected by registered patents in the United States.”

Liquid biopsies have the potential to revolutionise the cancer diagnostics field by replacing more invasive methods and rapidly detecting cancer at all stages.

Sienna acquired the SIEN-NET technology from US-based Sevident Inc. in April 2019.



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