Sienna Furthers its Global Expansion with Distributor for Singapore

  • Mediwell Enterprise Pte. Ltd (Mediwell) appointed as distribution partner for Singapore.
  • Singapore has a fast-growing market for in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests.

Sienna continues expansion into Asia with the signing of a distribution partner for Singapore.

Sienna is pleased to announce it has appointed Mediwell as the Company’s non-exclusive distribution partner for Singapore. The distribution agreement adds to the presence Sienna has in the Asian market following the appointment of an exclusive distributor for mainland China in 2018, followed by South Korea in January this year. The agreement allows Mediwell the right to sell Sienna’s in-vitro diagnostic hTERT test to pathology labs and hospitals where it will be used as an adjunct to urine cytology, assisting pathologists and urologists in the diagnosis of bladder cancer. Singapore has a population of approximately 5.8 million people and is one of the fastest growing consumers of IVD products globally.

Mediwell have extensive experience in medical diagnostics and the supply of related equipment and laboratory supplies to a network of pathology laboratories and hospitals.

Mediwell Managing Director Mr Y.K. Cheng said “This is an exciting opportunity to work with Sienna to bring a clinically useful product to the Singapore market, providing value to doctors and ultimately, their patients. We have already received positive responses from local IHC technology laboratories and have started discussions with local hospitals for evaluation of the test, with a plan for those hospitals to serve as the initial entry points for the test in Singapore.”

The process of product approval and registration with the Medical Devices Branch of the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) will be managed by Mediwell with support provided by Sienna. While regulatory approval is being sought, Sienna will commence training of Mediwell sales, marketing and technical support staff, so that product launch within Singapore can proceed as soon as possible once registration is complete.


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