Sienna Files Additional Patent Application


Sienna is pleased to announce the completion of a further patent application via the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). The PCT process provides an efficient and economical entry strategy for gaining patent protection in a broad number of target countries in which Sienna’s In-Vitro Diagnostic product will be released. The application adds to Sienna’s intellectual property portfolio covering the use of telomerase detection as an adjunct test for assisting the diagnosis of cancer.

Responding to the patent application filing, Sienna’s Chief Operating Officer, Matthew Hoskin said “Sienna has worked hard to develop the first ever clinical diagnostic test for the presence of telomerase in human biological specimens. That test has significant market potential as an aid in the diagnosis of various cancers. Sienna’s family of directly owned patents will provide protection in the market to ensure Sienna shareholders receive the full value from the novel products developed and commercialised by the company.”


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