Sienna Enters Agreement With UK Distribution Partner


Siena Cancer Diagnostics is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement with HistoCyte Laboratories for distribution of its In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) for telomerase detection in the United Kingdom (UK). Sienna will work with HistoCyte to prepare launch plans in readiness for CE marking and IVD registration of Sienna's Anti-hTERT Antibody (SCD-A7) which is expected late in 2016.


HistoCyte will leverage their extensive knowledge of the UK market in the field of immunocytochemistry, and their strong network of key opinion leaders and pathology laboratories to build sales of Sienna's IVD product.


“This partnership is a logical fit for Sienna, as we have worked with HistoCyte and their parent company Bioconnexions for several years, over which time a mutual relationship of trust and respect has developed. Bioconnexions have assisted us in assessing the market for our products and planning the registration and launch of our IVD product in key European countries. The team at HistoCyte know our product, understand the unmet clinical need it addresses, and have the contacts at major hospital pathology laboratories to maximise sales in this important region” said Matthew Hoskin, Sienna’s Chief Operating Officer.


More details on HistoCyte can be found on their website at


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