Sienna Appoints Exclusive Distribution Partner for Brazil


Inside Diagnósticos appointed as exclusive distributor.

Brazil is a major market with significant opportunity for growth.

Sienna has appointed Inside Diagnósticos as the Company’s exclusive distribution partner for Brazil.

The distribution agreement – Sienna’s first in South America – represents another significant milestone in Sienna’s geographical expansion strategy.

The agreement gives Inside Diagnósticos the exclusive right to sell Sienna’s in vitro diagnostic hTERT test to pathology labs where it will be used as an adjunct to urine cytology, assisting pathologists and urologists in the diagnosis of bladder cancer.

According to Aliança Brasileira da Indústria Inovadora em Saúde (ABIIS), the Brazilian import market for reagents for in vitro diagnostics was approximately US$4B in 2017, up 22% over the prior year. Brazil is the ninth largest economy in the world, and with over 200 million people, is the sixth most populous nation.

Sienna Cancer Diagnostics CEO Matthew Hoskin said the in vitro diagnostics market in Brazil represents a significant opportunity for Sienna and its hTERT test, and appointing a capable and enthusiastic distribution partner in Brazil is key to realising that opportunity:

“Inside Diagnósticos is a unique partner. They are not only a distributor but also a reference laboratory. They will perform the hTERT test in their own laboratory, promoting its availability directly to referring urologists. This will give them a depth of product knowledge that will provide Inside Diagnósticos with significant leverage marketing the test to other laboratories."

Prior to sales commencing, the product must first be approved and registered with the Brazilian regulatory agency ANVISA. Sienna will assist Inside Diagnósticos in that process.

Mr. Paulo Ferraz, Sienna’s commercialisation consultant for Latin America who advised the transaction in Brazil, said Inside Diagnósticos is pleased to be partnering with Sienna to bring a quality product to the Brazilian market:

“Urine cytology is widely used in Brazil to investigate bladder cancer, but the limitations of that test are well known. The introduction of Sienna’s hTERT test will help address a genuine clinical unmet need in the market. There is a significant opportunity for this new cutting-edge technology in Brazil."


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