Q&A with Mark Rees, PhD, VP of Advanced Diagnostics, StatLab Medical Products

Dr Mark Rees has served as Vice President Advanced Diagnostics at StatLab since January 2014. Mark’s current role involves the development and implementation of the Company’s strategic plan for its new product line of Advanced Diagnostics.

Dr Rees has extensive knowledge of the market into which Sienna’s hTERT test is being sold. Prior to joining StatLab, Mark spent 15 years in the immunopathology market gaining experience in both technical and commercial environments. He began his career managing a research and development group for Leica Biosystems, UK, supporting the development of antibodies for use in immunohistochemistry (IHC). In 2008, Mark relocated his family to the US to lead the marketing and sales of IHC reagents for Leica Biosystems, helping them achieve a 300% growth in sales during his four-year tenure. Mark also formed Leica’s first North American Medical Advisory Group, recruiting a selection of key opinion leading pathologists to assist with strategic decision making processes.

Dr Rees was recently asked about the potential of Sienna’s hTERT test in the US, and how it fits with StatLab’s business strategy:

Q: Why did StatLab want to partner with Sienna to distribute this product?

A: hTERT is an extremely useful biomarker that provides clinically useful information for urologists to improve their ability to identify patients with increased likelihood of cancer. The US market potential for hTERT as an adjunct test alongside cytology is significant. As well as delivering real value to our own customers and patients, StatLab sees this product as a significant growth opportunity for our advanced diagnostics business.

Q: Does the product represent a simple add-on to the StatLab portfolio, or is it more significant?

A: Sienna’s hTERT product is a perfect fit for our strategy to improve patient care through innovation. For that reason, StatLab sees the Sienna partnership as a key driver for the growth of our diagnostics business.

Q: Are you confident that StatLab can penetrate the market and gain traction with this product?

A: To maximize the market potential, StatLab plans to invest significantly in technical field support and specialist sales resources to grow the hTERT business. Initial customer reaction to this new product has been very positive, with multiple laboratories taking up the opportunity to evaluate the test in their own hands. We’ve already generated initial sales and I expect significant growth over the next couple of years as the market awareness and acceptance of this new and clinically useful test increases.


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