Market Introduction For Sienna’s hTERT IVD Test in Denmark

    • New test well received by pathologists across Denmark
    • Two laboratories have started optimisation of the test

Sienna is pleased to provide an update on the product launch progress of Axlab A/S (Axlab) – its exclusive distribution partner for Denmark and Sweden.

In Denmark, Axlab has successfully introduced the hTERT test to several hospital pathology laboratories for evaluation. The initial market launch was conducted in conjunction with Sienna’s business development manager in January 2018. All the laboratories showed keen interest in exploring the test, with two of them having already begun that process and commenced optimization of Sienna’s hTERT test in their laboratories.

CEO of Axlab Niels Møller Schlie said, “The initial introduction of Sienna’s hTERT test was very well received – it provided clear and conclusive staining that the pathologists considered highly beneficial. The positive and enthusiastic response from physicians, who welcomed the improvement over regular urine cytology testing, was very pleasing and encouraging. We look forward to our continued partnership with Sienna Cancer Diagnostics. The vision for both companies is clearly aligned, with a focus on the user, building relationships, and providing clinically useful tools for better diagnostic outcomes.”

Since the agreement, Sienna has worked with Axlab in Denmark for the training of their sales and marketing staff. Additionally, the technical applications and support team has also been trained.

Sienna’s CEO Matthew Hoskin commented: “We are delighted with the successful market introduction of our hTERT test in Denmark and based on the positive customer feedback, we expect to see commercial uptake of our test in local hospitals in the near future. We are confident the use of our product will continue to grow across our targeted geographical locations and help improve patient outcomes, whilst lowering overall costs in the healthcare system.”

Axlab is now planning for the market introduction of Sienna’s hTERT test in Sweden at the Swedish Cytology Conference, scheduled for Q2 2018.



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