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Sienna Seeks Listing on ASX with IPO 08-Jun-2017

Sienna has applied to the ASX for listing on the Australian Stock Exchange. The company plan..Read More

Resources Added to Drive Key Strategies 04-May-2017

Sienna has added two key resources to the business to enable planning and execution of key strategie..Read More

New CEO Appointed From Within Sienna 19-Apr-2017

Sienna Cancer Diagnostics Ltd today announced the Board’s decision to appoint Matthew Hoskin t..Read More

Successful Capital Raise Completed 03-Mar-2017

The Board and management of Sienna are pleased to announce the company has raised approximately ..Read More

TGA Lists Sienna's IVD Product For Sale in Australia 14-Dec-2016

Sienna has completed its third major regulatory milestone for the quarter, receiving Therapeutic..Read More

Sienna Registers CE Marked IVD Product in EU 12-Dec-2016

Following on from their recent registration with the FDA in the United States, Sienna has now regist..Read More

Sienna Appoints Swiss Distribution Partner 08-Dec-2016

Sienna Cancer Diagnostics Ltd. and Biosystems Switzerland AG have entered an exclusive distribution ..Read More

FDA Registration For Sienna - First IVD Product Listing 15-Nov-2016

Sienna Cancer Diagnostics has listed an in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical device with the United Sta..Read More

Sienna Receives ISO13485 Certification 14-Oct-2016

Sienna have received formal certification that their Quality Management System complies with the..Read More

Sienna Receives $638K in R&D Tax Incentive Funding 13-Oct-2016

Sienna today reported the receipt of $637,524 from the R & D Tax Incentive program for the 2016 ..Read More

USA Distribution Partner Appointed 26-Sep-2016

Sienna is pleased to announce that leading specialty pathology supply company, StatLab Medical Produ..Read More

Sienna Enters Agreement With UK Distribution Partner 17-Sep-2016

Siena Cancer Diagnostics is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement with HistoCyte Labor..Read More

Sienna Files Additional Patent Application 18-Aug-2016

Sienna is pleased to announce the completion of a further patent application via the Patent Coop..Read More

Sienna Announces Changes To Management Team 05-Aug-2016

Dr Cliff Holloway to stand down as CEO and Managing Director Mr Carl Stubbings appointed Interim..Read More

University of Manchester to Conduct Health Economic Study 20-Jul-2016

A team of pathology and health economics experts at the Manchester Molecular Pathology Innovation Ce..Read More

Johns Hopkins University Begin Follow-On Study 08-Jul-2016

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have begun work on a 1000 patient stu..Read More

Appointment of Authorised Representative for EU 30-Jun-2016

In preparation for the registration of their first CE-marked IVD product in the European Un..Read More

Sienna Raises $950K In New Capital 13-Apr-2016

Sienna Cancer Diagnostics Limited is pleased to announce that it recently raised approximately $950,..Read More

Clinical Applications Manager Added To Sienna Team 07-Apr-2016

Sienna has appointed Shannon Turnbull as Clinical Applications Manager. Shannon has significant ..Read More

Johns Hopkins Researchers Present At USCAP 01-Apr-2016

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine recently presented a poster outlini..Read More

Dr Donald Robertson Resigns from Board of Directors 31-Mar-2016

Sienna Cancer Diagnostics Ltd announces the resignation of Dr Donald Robertson from the Board. ..Read More

Sienna Appoints Dr John Chiplin Non-Executive Director 22-Jan-2016

Sienna Cancer Diagnostics Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr John Chiplin to the B..Read More

Sienna Receives R&D Tax Refund 19-Jan-2016

Sienna Cancer Diagnostics Ltd today announced it has received a $682,921 Research & Developm..Read More

Johns Hopkins abstract accepted for presentation at USCAP 20-Nov-2015

In March 2016, researchers from the Johns Hopkins Hospital will present results of a study exami..Read More

Sienna Announces Research Collaboration with Princess Alexandra Hospital and Pathology Queensland 28-Oct-2015

In an expansion of their global network of scientific and clinical research partners, Sienn..Read More

Sienna Strengthens its Patent Portfolio 20-Aug-2015

Marking a significant milestone in its commercial growth strategy, Sienna Cancer Diagnostics has..Read More

Dr Holloway Now Permanent CEO 26-Jun-2015

The Sienna board is pleased to announce that Cliff Holloway PhD has accepted the role of permane..Read More

Sienna Enters Research Collaboration With UCLA 09-Jun-2015

In an expansion of their global network of scientific and clinical research partners, Sienna Cancer ..Read More

Team Expansion 20-May-2015

In April and May, Sienna expanded its team to add further capability and capacity to drive key initi..Read More

Dr Cliff Holloway Appointed Interim CEO 04-Feb-2015

Sienna today announced that Dr Cliff Holloway has been appointed interim Chief Executive Officer. Dr..Read More

First Product Launch 18-Jan-2015

January 2015 – Marking one of the chief milestones of the Company since inception, Sienna ..Read More

Sienna – On The Move ! 15-Dec-2014

Sienna has recently completed a move from the Bio21 building in Parkville which was our home for the..Read More

Sienna Appoints CFO 28-Nov-2014

In November 2014, Sienna made its second senior management appointment during a very productive year..Read More

Sienna Raises $2.1M 31-Oct-2014

Sienna has just completed a $2.1M capital raising through a combination of the exercise of share..Read More

Sienna Lists First ASR Product With FDA 01-Jul-2014

In May 2014 Sienna Cancer Diagnostics announced the successful listing of its lead product, Anti..Read More

Sienna Appoints Inaugural COO 23-Feb-2014

Sienna adds talent and capacity in inaugural COO role Appointment of industry leader to eme..Read More

A$800,000 Grant For Commercialisation 01-Feb-2014

Cancer Diagnostics has been awarded a Federal Government grant to commercialise its innovative t..Read More

Product Manufacture Begins 04-Oct-2013

Sienna has commenced regulatory compliant manufacturing of an analyte specific reagent that binds to..Read More

Grant Funding 01-Jul-2013

Sienna has recently applied for funding as part of the federal government’s Early Stage Commer..Read More

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