SIEN-NET™ product applications

The flexibility of our unique platform technology makes it useful for a variety of applications in the Life Sciences.

  • Novel solutions for liquid biopsy and exosome capture
  • Highly customizable cellular and molecular capture
  • Specialty tools for studying the human microbiome

Novel solutions for liquid biopsy and exosome capture

The SIEN-NET technology platform has already been used to develop a number of diagnostic prototypes and solutions in oncology and infectious disease. Our highly sensitive technology platform has recently been used to develop a new suite of tools for analyzing cell-free DNA (cfDNA) for non-invasive cancer screening via liquid biopsy through an exosome capture tool.

Through both independent research and industry and academic collaborations. SIEN-NET technology has potential for use in a number of diagnostic development projects. 


Highly customizable cellular and molecular capture

SIEN-NET is fully customizable to outperform existing technologies and improve the sensitivities of pre-existing assays to femto-molar levels, and our compatibility with raw samples often enables a 30-45 minute sample-to-answer time. SIEN-NET is a cost-effective solution to increase sensitivity and marker recovery from a variety of sample types.

The technology has been successfully used to capture and analyze a wide range of molecular targets including proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, extracellular vesicles, and even whole bacterial, fungal, and human cells, often from the most troublesome of solutions and sample types.


Specialty tools for studying the human microbiome

Our bodies are home to an estimated 100 trillion microbes, the vast majority of which are still poorly understood. As an emerging field with enormous potential, microbiome-based diagnostics and therapeutics for cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, and autoimmune diseases face critical technical hurdles. Current microbiome kits take hours of prep time and are plagued with human DNA contamination, wasting millions of research dollars.

A suite of human microbiome capture tools have been developed that benefit from significantly reduced human contamination, increased nucleic acid yield, and a quick, 30-45 minute sample prep time. Our unique microbiome kits allow for extraction and analysis of bacterial, fungal, viral, and human genomic data.


This technology will enable Sienna to develop exosome-based cancer tests that are compatible with current pathology lab sample-preparation timeframes and resources. - Dr Peter French

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