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USA Distribution Partner Appointed 26-Sep-2016

Sienna is pleased to announce that leading specialty pathology supply company, StatLab Medical Produ.. READ MORE

Sienna Enters Agreement With UK Distribution Partner 17-Sep-2016

Siena Cancer Diagnostics is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement with HistoCyte Labor.. READ MORE

Sienna Files Additional Patent Application 18-Aug-2016

Sienna is pleased to announce the completion of a further patent application via the Patent Coop.. READ MORE

Investor Information

Sienna is a public unlisted company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. In January 2015, Sienna transitioned from a purely Research and Development company to a true commercial entity with product revenues. The company has approximately 150 shareholders and is governed by an experienced board and management team, Sienna has benefited from over $4M in government grants, significantly bolstering investor contributions and facilitating the progress and growth to date. READ MORE


Sienna’s core activities have historically focused on the clinical translation of biomarkers using novel diagnostic technologies for applications in pathology laboratories. The development of inexpensive, high performing in-vitro diagnostic tests is expected to lead to radical changes in the approach to care and assessment of cancer patients – a change welcomed by clinicians and governments. READ MORE

About Sienna

Sienna is a biotechnology company focussed on the development and commercialisation of novel IVD (in vitro diagnostic) tests. Sienna manufactures individual component products for research institutions and pathology laboratories to use in research or in their own laboratory developed tests. Sienna registered their first product with the FDA in 2014, the Anti-hTERT antibody (SCD-A7). READ MORE

Sienna’s experienced and diverse team was responsible for the launch of the company's first product in the USA, the Anti-hTERT antibody (SCD-A7).

– CEO, Dr Cliff Holloway

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Sienna Cancer Diagnostics

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Telephone +61 3 8288 2141 Facsimile +61 3 8288 2059