Mission Statement
  • Snapshot

    Sienna is a biotechnology company based in Melbourne Australia.  With the help of their large global clinical networks, Sienna is able to drive the discovery and development of novel IVD (in vitro diagnostic) tests for cancer.  Sienna manufactures individual component products for research institutions and pathology laboratories to use in research or in their own laboratory developed tests.  Sienna’s experienced and diverse team is responsible for the launch of their first product in 2014 in the USA, the anti-hTERT antibody (SCD-A7).

  • Bladder cancer

    The standard techniques used in the monitoring and diagnosis of bladder cancer are urine cytology and cystoscopy, the latter being  visual inspection and possible resection of cancerous lesions identified on the bladder wall using an endoscope.  Existing tests have limited sensitivity and specificity in the detection of cancer, and cystoscopy is an invasive procedure for the patient, and a costly one for the healthcare system. Sienna expects to develop IVD tests to be used in new, simple non-invasive tests for bladder cancer, and other cancer indications.

  • Sienna Anti-hTERT antibody (SCD-A7)

    The human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) protein is an 1132-amino acid protein that forms part of the protein complex of human telomerase.  Telomerase is in part responsible for telomere maintenance, which is regarded as an important mechanism by which tumour cells evade senescence, which in most cases is achieved by reactivating or up-regulating telomerase activity. Telomerase is reported as activated in 80–90% of human carcinomas and present in circulating cancer cells.

Current News & Events 

Sienna Appoints CFO

In November 2014, Sienna made its second senior management appointment during a very productive year. Sienna warmly welcomes Mr. Tony Di Pietro to the team as Chief Financial Officer. Tony has held a number of senior roles during his 15 …

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Sienna Registers First Product With FDA

In May 2014 Sienna Cancer Diagnostics announced the successful registration of its lead product, Anti-hTERT antibody (SCD-A7), with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Given the established power of the telomerase biomarker in correlating with malignancy, global pathology labs …

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